Bio Botanical Study


Our medicines are extracted from naturally grown cannabis plants that do not cause any significant environmental effects.

Marijuana is a non-toxic substance and our processing of the plant uses all components of the plant which include the plant stem, leaves and flowering buds.
The components of R2’s cannabis plant strains are placed in a Super-critical CO2 extraction machine which convert the cannabis components into pure cannabinoid (AEA CBC CBL CBD CBDV CBG CBN CBV NADA THC THCV Virodhamine) oils.

The CO2 gas is fed in a liquid state into a pump which sends it through a pressure vessel. The vessel is packed with the cannabis material intended for extraction. The extract-saturated gas then de-pressurizes into a separator vessel. The de-pressurization causes the extract cannabis oil to fall out and the gas to exit the vessel while CO2 is vented off. 
This is the same method many companies use to extract essential oils, spices, soft extracts like Vanilla soft extract and perfumes.

After extraction of R2’s cannabis oil additional natural oils are added to the asthma formulas along with ingredients that remain proprietary to each delivery system i.e. metered dose inhaler, sublingual under the tongue capsule and nebulization.

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